Buffet menu

Our basic meal consists of two meats, a potato, two vegetables, roll and butter and a choice of a relish tray or tossed salad with coffee service.   

* Extra items may be added to any meal for an additional cost*   

 Meats (pick two)

 •Roasted Turkey with Gravy 

 •City Chicken Legs 

•Pigs-in a Blanket



 •Polish Wedding Style Chicken 

 •Baked Ham

 •Pork Chops 

•Swiss Steak 

•Roast Beef 

•Chicken Cordon Bleu

 •Smoked Kielbasa 

•Chicken Piccota 

•BBQ Chicken

 •BBQ Ribs 

•BBQ Smoked Kielbasa

•Hamburgers/Chesse burgers 

•Hot Dogs 

•Grilled Chicken 

•Meat or Vegetable Lasagna  

*We also offer carved meats such as (Steam Ship Round, Prime Rib, and Ham) 



•Sweat and Sour Cabbage 

•Green Beans 

•Green Beans with Almonds 

•Green Bean Casserole 

•California Medley 

•Pea with Mushrooms 

•Baby Glazed Carrots 


•Red Skinned Potatoes in Butter Garlic 

•Cheese Potatoes 

•Scalloped Potatoes 

•Baked Potato 

•Mashed Potatoes with Gravy 

•Potato Salad 

•Rice Pilaf 

•Butter Herb Noodles 

 Relish Tray Includes 

•Dill Pickels 

•Sweet Pickels 


•Banana Pepper Ring 


•Green Olives 

•Black Olives 


 Toss Salad Includes Fresh cut cucumbers and tomatoes, slices of carrot and red cabbage, croutons along with two dressing.   

Coffee and Tea 

  Menu subject to change without notice